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This review has primarily to do with All Wood Flooring, the sub contractor that Lumber Liquidators uses in the Baltimore area for installation of hardwood flooring. I feel that the Edgewood location of Lumber Liquidators and Chris their manager are all good guys. Unfortunately they referred me to their "in house" installers who have made my life a living nightmare.

With that being said, Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable through the sales process and helped us pick a flooring that we are extremely happy with in regards to color/quality. It is unfortunate that we have had such a poor experience with the installers. I have cut and pasted my review for All Wood Flooring below. Before you ever consider purchasing floor from Lumber Liquidators that needs to be installed, please read this review!

Run, don't walk from these guys. If you are choosing your flooring from Lumber Liquidators and require installation, you are in for a big surprise. Just get in your car and go to Lowes or Home Depot. Learn from my mistakes.

I will keep this short and sweet to bullet points because this is painful to even write. My installation date for 650sq ft of bamboo flooring was December 14, 2012. To date, it is not complete. I have bare sub floor in areas, the t-molding transition pieces are all incorrectly installed, the stair molding has nails coming up through the wood and over 90% of the shoe molding installed was cracked by the installers not pre-drilling.

Sales Staff:

Trent was our sales representative. No show on two meetings. One to measure, and one to help resolve issues. Consistently changed his story and we became extremely frustrated. When we ran into installation issues and called another sales representative, he called repeatedly and harassed us.

Initial installation:

Installation was scheduled for two days. Installers spent 12.5 hours at my home attempting to complete it in one day. Gaps in the wood are everywhere. Shoe molding is destroyed by cracking and not pre-drilling the stranded bamboo. T-molding (transition pieces between rooms) have nails coming through the wood, and the stair nosing was installed with nails showing. Finishing nails were bent and sent flying all over my main level. I found 8 nails in my adjoining family room. One nail was bent and lodged in my ceiling because the shoe molding was not pre-drilled. Walls were damaged due to installer rubbing his blue jeans all down my wall and damaging paint. Carpet is cut in my living room while installing t-molding (this is a brand new home). I asked the installers to leave at 10 hours into the job, they decided to stay and attempt to complete work.

I made several calls to the office to talk about the installation and start process to repair issues. Did not receive return call after leaving several messages. Had to call repeatedly to get someone on the phone to deal with our issues.

After working with another sales representative, installers were to show up to attempt to repair issues.

I gave staff at All Wood Flooring directions to my home on 3 separate occasions. I was told on subsequent calls that they don't save directions to customer's homes.

1st repair installer: No call, no show. I called office to report installer not arriving and did not receive a return call.

2nd repair installer: Over an hour late, and I called them to reschedule

3rd repair installer: Installer calls at end of time window and tells me he cannot find my location (after I had given them directions to my home on no less than three separate occasions).

4th repair installer: Arrived on time. Could not complete repairs. Recommended floor to be replaced.

5th repair installer: Arrived on time. Could not complete repairs. Recommended floor to be replaced. Argued with General Manager for 45 minutes on phone that floor needed to be replaced. Visited with sales representative who left to go to Lowes to pick up materials to complete some repairs. Sales representative did not return. It was explained to me by the installer that the sales representative was arrested for driving on a suspended license and would not be returning. Upon exit, sales representative ran over some of my solar lighting on my driveway.

New material was shipped to my home to replace approximately 450sq feet of flooring and I was informed that a crew would be arriving at my home for a Friday/Saturday installation. On Friday the installer arrived with his son who is a minor and is not employed by All Wood Flooring. This upset me because if he was injured while working in my home, I could have been found legally responsible.

After several calls to AWF and the Home Service Store, I was assured the minor would not be returning. On Saturday, only one installer arrived (with no help) and I assisted this installer for approximately 10 hours in the attempt to complete the job. I made numerous calls to AWF and HSS on Saturday morning requesting help to be sent so that the job could be completed prior to Easter Sunday (which was the next day). I was told by representatives at AWF that I was not being fair to the installer and he could complete the job in one day. At the end of Saturday, the job was only 60% finished. I was then contacted by the owner of AWF and he guaranteed me that a team of four installers would arrive on Easter morning to complete the job in four hours. Again, the same installer arrived and he finished laying the floor so that we could walk in my kitchen. There is approximately a full day's worth of work to be completed by a 2 man crew.

Currently I have accepted new terms prior to the last visit from installers which included a 20% discount on installation (although I have spent no less than 40 hours dealing with this mess). I have recently been presented with an option for a larger discount than the original 20% but the "agreement" requires me to cease writing reviews for either HSS (Home Service Store) and All Wood Flooring. I have refused to sign the agreement until the section instituting a gag order on me is removed. At this point we are five months into the installation and it is not complete! I have been forwarded from HSS back to the owner of AWF for negotiations, and he has not returned my call.

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Reston, Virginia, United States #657961

Thank you for the positive store comments. We are sorry to hear the installation was not equally as pleasing and its unfortunate there continues to be an issue with the affiliate installation provider.

I've forwarded your story to HSS executives with a message that this is not the type of service we expect for our valued customers.

There's not enough identifying information here to tie this back to an order, but if you continue to have challenges with this problem we ask that you contact LL Customer Care at 800-366-4204. Again, we're sorry to hear this has not yet been resolved and stand ready to help.

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