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We followed everything they told us to do and answered all the questions that were asked. They sent out a gentleman to inspect the floor but he had everything in the wrong spot where he tested and then said our dogs urinated on our floor for which is not true.

They have a 1 year warranty for which they drug it out that long and now we are stuck with some ugly flooring.They refused to make it right and I will never put wood of any kind down again. Also no carpet. Not sure but since it cost us approx. $3600 to purchase it and to have it installed it will be several years before we can make it beautiful somehow.

I also suggest no one else buy from LL,.

EVER! The floor looks like this all over and is very hard to clean with back with 3 failed back surgeries and disabled.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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LL Response: Very sorry to hear you've had a problem and the picture helps. The seam swelling her is the result of some sort of introduction of moisture not related to relative humidity, but this is a tell tale sign of a spill or pet accident not immediately cared for where the liquid worked its way over time between the planks to the core causing swelling.

The instructions and warranty are very clear about this problem and how to avoid it, so if we went as far as setting up a third party inspection and the care of the floor was noted as a concern, the manufacturer or seller is not rightfully to blame. No seller or manufacturer has the responsibility of floor care and ongoing maintenance, however this is repairable and it's not at all uncommon for a representative to offer a box or two to conduct repairs, however if you asked for a new floor that would not fall under the warranty for spills and this rings true with other suppliers as site related damages are not covered.

We're very sorry to hear this happened, but this highlights the importance of reading and following the care instructions for all flooring types no matter where you shop as the manufacturer cannot be expected to cover this type of damage. No name or reference number was provided for me to add further insight, so the conclusion is based off the photo provided and the comments about what may have transpired.

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